Xcode: Working with libvpx

This guide explains the steps required to build libvpx examples and to debug libvpx using Xcode.

Step 1: Build VPX.framework

This process is vastly simplified by using build/make/iosbuild.sh to produce a framework containing all necessary libvpx targets. The iOS simulator targets used to build the framework are basically identical to the Darwin targets that would be used for normal development builds of libvpx on Mac OS X.

     $ path/to/libvpx/build/make/iosbuild.sh --extra-configure-args --disable-webm-io


     $ path/to/libvpx/build/make/iosbuild.sh \

       --extra-configure-args "--disable-webm-io --enable-debug"

Step 2: Build a libvpx Example

Create a new command line tool project in Xcode, and:

If all that is desired is the ability to build and hack on the examples, you're now done. 

Step 3: Debugging (Optional)

Debugging libvpx within Xcode can be achieved by setting breakpoints on calls into libvpx and stepping into those calls.

Deeper breakpoints can be set by adding additional libvpx source files to the project: